Show Me The Place


An intimate portrait of a man's lowest moment. This is a short exploring the ideas of death and grief and how the people left behind are faced with their demons. This film is set up to be more of an extract from a larger idea. We are shown the most personal and intimate emotional portrayal of the aftermath of a weak man whose battles with his own life decisions have left him broken and alone.

A big thank you to the crew who helped out for nothing more than the love of film making, MWS Media for allowing us some of their equipment and to Bernard Faricy for allowing us into his harrowing and personable performance.

Cast and Crew:

Performed by Bernard Faricy
Produced by Ross Bennett and Will Riddell
Written, Directed and Edited by Will Riddell
Shot by Ross Bennet and Ed Rosie
Music and Sound by Fred Ashworth
Shoot Producer: Sarah Riddell
Runners: Chris Collins, Josh Moss, Nick Blair, Jade Fleming, Mark Teale